Waiting for a Flexible eReader? Keep Waiting

There’s been lots of talk about flexible screens–eReaders, computers, and phones that will roll up like a fruit-roll-up and fit neatly in your pocket. Well, turns out that yesterday LG announced it has developed the world’s largest flexible electronic paper screen. But, as a post today on The New York Times Bits Blog makes clear, even if we’ve got the screens, we’ve still got years to go before the guts of these devices are flexible.

Here’s more from Bits:

Nicholas Colaneri, director of the Flexible Display Center at Arizona State University, explained that because we have flexible displays does not mean we will have flexible devices in the marketplace for another few years. He said: “The display panel itself is only a small part of the battle. All the ancillary electronics, the power, transistors and circuitry are all things today that are not yet fully flexible at large scales.”

Mr. Colaneri said we could expect to see flexible displays in the marketplace in the next three to five years — but this is just the screen technology. The other components are a little further out. The first iterations of these technologies will also be larger external screens than smaller readers. Mr. Colaneri said, “Flexible is a major part of the discussion because longer range there is an interest in larger area displays that can be rolled up and stored somewhere.”

Alas, if only the future would come along sooner.