Wait, Um, Should We Have Been Making Friends In College?

60 Cleethorpes Dorm.jpg

We really don’t know where we’d be without the sharp social insights the House& Home section brings every week. Today, we’re getting a little bit nostalgic with their article on new college dorms, and how they force kids to be–or at least make–friends. Gone are the concerns that they’re not studying enough, replaced with concerns that they’re not drinking enough beer. We had a blast at school. But we’re not sure it was because of where we lived, except that we were obviously in the best residential college ever, duh. Turns out that dorm design is something even lofty administrators think about. The basic points, as written by Bradford McKee: single entrances, inaccessible elevators, open hallways, shared bathrooms, big common spaces.

Can’t really argue with that. Too bad it’s too late.