Wait! The Wall Street Post? For Real?

We’ve heard a lot more this morning about the speculative musings that the Post might buy up Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal. The consensus seems to be that even while it’s a far-fetched idea, it’s not wholly out of the realm of possibility.

Some thoughts:

  • Remember that even while Gannett, Knight Ridder, and other chains have gone on a buying spree, the Post hasn’t added a major newspaper to its portfolio in many a moon. Many moons. And its only major holding outside the metro region? That would be Snohomish County’s own Daily Herald on the West Coast. Not exactly a household name in the Northeast Corridor.

  • There are some names on the Goldman list with some deep pockets and tendencies towards overpaying for properties. Don Graham isn’t really into that whole “bidding war” thing. Let’s just say he’s probably not buying up shares of Google right now. The price would have to be right. (And remember to have your pets spayed and neutered.)

  • Dow Jones and the WSJ is more of a mess right now than the Post would probably be able to take on given its own fragile performance.

And with all that said? If the opportunity was right, Graham might just be crazy enough to do it.