Waisbren Re-Surfaces, After Poseidon Submerges


He who laughs last dept.

Nearly a year ago, FBLA revealed that the Poseidon was doomed, according to Warner’s internal memos. Virtual Studios then-CEO, Benjamin Waisbren left that job, vowing “I’m continuing to be active in the film industry”

FBLA rejoined:

Yeah, well, unless your name is Shelley Winters, don’t hold your breath for that..

Today in our in-box, was an email from Waisbren:

I enjoyed reading this when you posted it, as it was witty (even though I was on the receiving end). And I, indeed, held my breath.

I attach our press release and the related Variety article with my compliments.

All the best,

“Shelly Winters”

Touche, sir.

Waisbren has been named prexy-CEO of Capital Entertainment, which is part of Continental Entertainment Group, a full-service film financing, sales and distribution company. Citi is funding the venture, and Colin Cotter is president/CEO of both the parent company and Continental Pictures, while also remaining a partner in Graham King’s Initial Entertainment Group.