Wagner James Au Joins Social Times Staff to Cover Virtual Worlds and Goods

James Au Social Gaming SummitGreetings, Social Timers — I’m joining the team here to occasionally cover virtual worlds, a space that often gets overlooked amid the social game hype, but is still doing quite well, thank you very much. Prior to Nick and Neil bringing me on, I was a writer and designer at ohai, the massively social gaming start-up of my friend Susan Wu (who spoke at the last Social Gaming Summit), where I mainly wrote the storyline, dialog, and mission flow for City of Eternals, the groundbreaking (in my very biased opinion) social network MMO that Neil loved.

Before that,I was a contributing editor at GigaOM, where Jedi tech journalist Om Malik taught me many skills. I also cover Second Life and other user-generated 3D worlds on my own blog, New World Notes, which started while I was SL’s “embedded journalist” for Linden Lab, which I write about in my book, The Making of Second Life.

Anyway, enough self-pimpage for now. Good to be joining this newish blog of scrappy social media bloggers!