Wagering platform Small-Bet partners with Nextpeer for real-money mobile multiplayer

small-bet-650Image via Small-Bet

Wagering platform Small-Bet has announced its new partnership with Nextpeer to bring real-money wagers to additional multiplayer games on iOS. The partnership will mean Nextpeer’s system of adding multiplayer modes to otherwise singleplayer games can now be joined by real-money betting between gamers.

Nextpeer’s system has been implemented in a variety of puzzle or arcade games, where users are typically challenged with earning the highest score possible in a level or round. With it, gamers can compare their scores and compete against others, including Facebook friends. Small-Bet, meanwhile, adds a betting system to similar games where skill is required to win. This allows the company to avoid the classification and regulations of a gambling operation, as it rewards users based on skill, rather than luck.

By joining forces, more mobile gamers will be able to challenge their friends to potentially win real-money, and developers will have an increased revenue stream thanks to the small percentage claimed of every challenge or wager made.

“The partnership will leverage our games network and give developers a chance to further monetise their multiplayer features. Equally, gamers can now wager against their gaming buddies!” said Nextpeer CEO Shai Magzimof, via a company release.

“We’ve been talking to a lot of game developers about Small-Bet, and partnering with Nextpeer makes it so easy for every developer to bring a new exciting twist to their games”, added Small-Bet CEO Neil Spence.

While specific terms of the partnership weren’t disclosed, the partnership will be based on revenue shared between both parties.