Waffle House Architect, Clifford A. Nahser, Passes Away

Unfortunate and belated as it is, you run into some pretty interesting lives in the obituaries. Case in point, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has reported that Clifford A. Nahser passed away last week. In addition to working for the Atlanta Public School System for 26 years, designing new buildings for them, and being “an early expert in the installation of AstroTurf,” Nahser was also the chief architect behind the Waffle House, the iconic, greasy spoon restaurant chain you run into every two minutes in the south of the country. Here’s the story:

Co-founder Joe Rogers Sr. asked him to help design new restaurants from the prototype diner he opened in Avondale Estates in 1955. Mr. Nahser worked on the blueprint for one of the earlier units, then went on to help design hundreds more as the restaurant chain grew.

Tweaked and updated a little over the years, the same basic plan was used for Waffle Houses in 28 states, said his brother Donald Nahser of Alpharetta.

“He used to say, ‘Anybody who’s ever traveled through the South by car has been in one of my buildings,'” his brother said.

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