Wadja.com Integrated Google Translate API Into Its Messaging Platform

logoC Wadja, which is one of leading mobile social networks, just announced Google Translate API integration into their messaging platform. Google Translate service takes care of 15 languages which helps users to communicate with each other ignoring the language barrier.

George Koiliaris, Business Development Manager notes that “working with the
Google Translation API is a key factor in our business development growth on a
global level. Leveraging the advanced technologies and open applications that
Google offers the web community is a major plus for a fast growing mobile web
service like Wadja, thus helping us deliver innovative and simple features that
our fanatic user base wants and needs”.

No doubt that such move will help to build more stronger community and attract more users too. Comparing mobile services and applications to Internet based stuff it’s no secret that first ones are relatively younger and it takes much more work to attract people to it. That’s why you need to go ‘abroad’ for your users – think more widely and figure out ways how to attract them to new ways how to socialize and communicate. I, together with many wise minds, agree that there are big future for mobile world – adding such services may show that we are going directly there. Good work Wadja people.