Wacom has an Inkling That You Don’t want to Give up Your Pen

Wacom unveiled its latest tablet this week and this one is mightier than the sword.

The Inkling is a digital/ink pen hybrid. Like the Apen I showed you yesterday, Inkling is designed to capture what you write while you write it. It can track both the position of your pen and it uses Wacom’s patented tech to measure how hard you press down with it. The latter should appeal to past Wacom customers; it will make it easier to switch between pen and Wacom tablet.

Virtually anyone who uses sketching to capture their creative ideas and wants to have their drawings in a digital format to e-mail, archive or further refine on their computer can benefit from Inkling. For example, artists, illustrators, or storyboarders who appreciate the convenience, speed and spontaneity of loosely sketching their ideas on paper could profit from the capabilities of Wacom’s Inkling digital sketch pen. In everyday use, a graphic designer could use Inkling to create rough concepts on paper for a new advertising campaign and then review and share these concepts on the computer with colleagues during a brainstorming meeting later that day.