WABC Fires John Gambling


A further sign that terrestrial radio is at a do-or-die moment is the fact that for the first time since 1925, there will not be a Gambling on the air. For three generations, there has been a Gambling broadcast over the New York airwaves.

The pendulum swings. From David Hinkley of The Daily News:

”Friday’s dismissal of veteran John Gambling from WABC (770 AM) not only ends an 83-year run for Gamblings on New York radio, at least temporarily, but reflects the fact that almost all “traditional” media these days are rethinking and restructuring – which usually means people are getting fired.

”… But sources said the immediate impetus for dismissing Gambling and newsman George Weber was Friday’s sobering financial report from Farid Suleman, chairman of WABC’s parent Citadel.

”’The fourth quarter and the year was difficult for the broadcasting industry and the company,’ Suleman said. ‘The performance of the larger-market radio stations acquired in the ABC Merger was particularly disappointing.”’

The Gambling family has presided over the evolution of AM radio from morning drive-time easy listening into the present all talk format. John B. Gambling hosted a radio show on WOR-AM from 1925-1959 when his son, John A. Gambling, took over. John R. Gambling, the last of the radio Gamblings, took over his father’s show in 1991.

(image via williamsullivan)