Waas Is The “Lone Ranger”

Speaking of Howard Kurtz, his column today gives short profile of “the new Bob Woodward“, Murray Waas. Calling Waas “the Lone Ranger,” Kurtz explains how he likes to avoid the media’s navel-gazing spotlight: “My theory is, avoid the limelight, do what’s important and leave your mark. . . . If my journalism has had impact, it has been because I have spent more time in county courthouses than greenrooms,” Waas says.

Kurtz writes, “Once a teenage legman for columnist Jack Anderson, Waas is intense, speaks just above a whisper, and has a knack for prying information out of prosecutors, as he did during Kenneth Starr‘s probe of Bill Clinton. He was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 1993, with Douglas Frantz of the Los Angeles Times, for reporting on clandestine U.S. efforts in Iraq. Says Frantz, now the paper’s managing editor: ‘He’s a dogged reporter with an amazing capacity to get sensitive documents.'”

But in the tree-falling-in-the-forest realm, do his stories make news if no one else picks up his scoops?