W3C Issues First Mobile Web Standards

Need proof that accessing the Web on mobile devices is being taken seriously? How’s this: The W3C has released its first set of standards designed to make it easier to browse the Web on a mobile phone.

The Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 includes a series of guidelines developed by the W3C’s Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group to help overcome the challenges of creating and viewing content on the mobile Web.

Browsing the Web on the go can be a problem because of hardware and software differences, device constraints and limited bandwidth. The guidelines provide recommendations for developing mobile content that can be consumed on a wide variety of devices.

The Best Practices include: Design for one Web; Rely on Web standards; Stay away from known hazards; Be cautious of device limitations; Optimize navigation; Check graphics and colors; Keep it small; Use the network sparingly; Help and guide user input; and Think of users on the go.
For more detail on the guidelines, check out the page on the W3C site.