XOXO: W Magazine Jumps To The Small Screen For ‘Gossip Girl’

For a while, it seemed the trend for fashion magazines was to participate in reality (or, in some cases, “reality”) television shows as a means of expanding or revamping their brand. W magazine, however, is going a different route. The magazine will be featured in an upcoming story arc on the CW series “Gossip Girl” in which an unnamed character will intern for the title. According to WWD, this means the magazine’s offices had to undergo a bit of a makeover in order to be camera ready:

Among other measures taken to help the office properly radiate its magazine-ness, the crew stocked empty bookshelves and added art to hallway walls. Staffers who chose to could serve as paid extras during the shoot, though producers asked those who were game not to wear all white, all black or “crazy stripes.”

Magazine staffers wearing something other than black? Already a huge departure from reality TV.