W Mag Lassoes NBC’s Silverman

ben.jpegNBC Universal’s TV entertainment chief Ben Silverman has industry insiders divided thanks to his success on the small-screen coupled with an over-the-top attitude.

W Magazine’s October issue lets readers judge for themselves in a feature – penned by Senior Writer Gabriel Snyder – on NBC’s main man and here’s a sampling of what he has to say for himself on everything from what makes him “the perfect storm” to his affection for the green stuff.

On his move to NBC: “I think I am the audience, you know what I mean? I viscerally respond. I am conceptual and a dealmaker.” he says, sitting in his new office at NBC. Those are things that usually don’t all come in the same package. I am the perfect storm for making a television executive.”

On the drug rumors: “I did not quit smoking pot to take this job. I’m still single, and I go out with my friends, but it was a nonissue for me. I think it blew out of proportion because I have nice Lucien [Pellat-Finet] sweaters with pot-leaf embroidery and I have some hemp sneakers. The day my deal was done, I said, ‘I want to get this freakin’ piss test out of the way.’ All these people are, like, accusing me of s—.”

On his involvement in the premature leak of his NBC appointment: “Oh, God no. It ruined my weekend. People were all over me, shooting me e-mails, circling me. I literally had to go in my room and pace on the phone the entire time. I wanted to be the cover of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.”

More info on the issue and Silverman’s story can be found here.