W and Hollywood Have a Golden Affair: FBLA Goes to the Party


W magazine threw their Golden Globes kick-off party at the Sunset Tower Hotel’s Terrace last night–FBLA keeps thinking of it as the Argyle. Lots of svelte blondes in black, including Rachel Zoe, sweetly but maddeningly discreet about her latest red-carpet proteges, Steven Cojocaru who was pointed out as Madonna until he turned around, and among dozens, Monet Mazur.


Tall, tall, tall Jenna Elfman was good-natured about posing with a purse for Donato Serdella.


Philip Bloch, whom we know from our days at E!, has a film opening at Sundance, a new book, The Shopping Diet, and a fabulous matinee-idol aura. We both agreed that it’s weird to go to a party and come home schlepping luggage. Not that we turned anything down.


FBLA amazed Clifton Collins, Jr. by recalling his work in GTA:San Andreas. Pays to do your homework–or play video games.

Party animals Shiva Rose and Brooke Davenport were spotted–enough! with the metaphors.

Dominique Swain and Rebecca Gayheart hung out together. Brittany Snow advised us that playing a hooker in Finding Amanda is an acting challenge. We should hope so.

Doing good means looking good for Liane Weintraub, the philanthropist, and Jennifer Howell, founder of The Art of Elysium. Howell has masses of that Southern charm so often missing in the DNA of show biz strivers who kept elbowing between us.

NARS had a little make-up table with Rachael and Stephanie, and FBLA was surprised that people do get done over at a cocktail party. Celessa Batchan of V100 radio, confessed to getting a touch-up, and she looked adorable. Ernest Skinner, who’s with Davie-Brown agreed, but he’s known for liking the ladies, and vice versa.

People were talking about Beckham’s move to LA, when we forced them to (of more anon), but were really more interested in the Golden Globes’ goodie bag mess and how cold it is in LA.

FBLA thanks Photo Donato Sardella, WireImage, W, and Engelman & Co. for the photos and the party.