Vungle Launches New Tech to Serve the Best Video Ads in Apps

vungle-logo-650App monetization company Vungle has announced the launch of its new hybrid serving technology for the Vungle Exchange, which focuses on in-app video ads. The new tech makes ad selection and ad serving a “smarter and faster” process, in the hopes of increasing revenue for publishers and increasing ROI for advertisers. This new technology within the Vungle Exchange utilizes the best streamed and pre-cached video ads, so users receive the best ads depending on their current circumstances, including Internet connection.

Pre-cached ads are those that are “saved” to a user’s phone, and will appear even when a user’s device isn’t connected to the Internet. Meanwhile, streamed ads are delivered to an app in real time, but require a fast Internet connection to display properly. Combining the two, the Vungle Exchange handles the competition between both kinds of ads, displaying streamed ads when the conditions are right, and serving pre-cached ads when they aren’t (or when the pre-cached ad is considered “better”).

The process takes into account more than 50 variables, and predicts “millions of possible outcomes” to determine whether a streamed or pre-cached ad will produce the best user experience, and to find the ad most likely to trigger a user interaction.

When a user opens a supported app, the Vungle Exchange will save the best ads from well-known brands and other app developers as pre-cached ads on the user’s device. Anytime an ad is triggered to run in the app, the Vungle Exchange runs a test to determine whether the conditions are right for a streamed ad. If they are, a second test determines the best kind of streamed ad to display, based on relevancy to the user. Once this best streamed ad is chosen, it’s compared to the best pre-cached ad automatically, and the winner is ultimately served to the consumer. It’s a process Vungle says takes less than 300 milliseconds, or around the length of a blink of an eye.

The Vungle Exchange was officially launched in April. The platform allows both developers and advertisers to control the kinds of ads that appear within their apps. The Exchange serves only high-resolution, high-bitrate ads, and assures companies it offers the lowest latency in the market.