Voyage to Fantasy: Complete hidden object scenes to save the world on Facebook


Ouat Entertainment’s Voyage to Fantasy takes players to a land of legends and fairytales on Facebook, and challenges them to fight the black holes threatening the world. Players complete hidden object scenes in a level-based format, earning stars and points for each scene they complete.

Scenes come in multiple forms, from standard scenes with text-based lists, to collage scenes where items are simply scattered in a pile, asking users to find one item at a time until they’ve all been found. Players can use hints to spot hard-to-find objects, and can replay scenes to increase their high scores or unlock more mastery stars.


Levels are set across a variety of different hidden object scenes, and become more challenging over time. While scenes have a minimum points requirement for completion, other tasks are introduced in later levels, like finding items in rapid succession to earn combo points or finding all items within a limited amount of time.

Voyage to Fantasy is monetized via a lives system that can limit the length of a single gameplay session, as well as through the purchase of premium currency. Players can complete in-game collections to receive free hints, and a trophies system is listed as “coming soon.”

Voyage to Fantasy has over 141,000 monthly active players, according to our app tracking service AppData. The game is available to play for free on Facebook.