Voxel launches App FastForward for interactive mobile ads

Voxel-1 650

App virtualization company Voxel has officially launched its App FastForward technology, which turns existing mobile apps into interactive ads. These “try-before-you-buy” ads give users a playable mobile ad, with menus and load times stripped from the experience (where applicable).

Instead of asking developers to rebuild apps in HTML5 or otherwise modify games into short demos, Voxel’s technology automates the creation of the playable demo ad for the advertiser in question.

“Smart app marketers are throwing traditional creative out the window and putting the experience first, creating an interactive demo that is the ad,” said David Zhao, CEO of Voxel. “Now, with App FastForward, it’s easier than ever for advertisers to create playable demos of their apps. Simply upload your existing app, and we’ll turn it into a playable ad.”

So far, Voxel says its playable mobile ads are converting twice as well as their traditional, static counterparts. The company has delivered over 5 million app previews so far, with King, Storm8, Electronic Arts and GSN among the initial users of the technology.

Voxel’s technology joins that of other companies, including Agawi and AppSponsor, which have previously targeted users with playable or otherwise interactive mobile advertising experiences.

More information on Voxel’s App FastForward is available on the company’s website.