Vox Debuts Its First Podcast on Panoply

The policy wonks take to the mic.

VoxOn occasion, Vox likes to help readers sort through the endlessly expanding podcast options out there with curated picks. As of this afternoon, Vox will have its own podcast to add to those lists.

Called The Weeds, Vox’s new podcast is hosted by editor in chief Ezra Klein, senior editor Sarah Kliff and executive editor Matt Yglesias and produced in partnership with Panoply. The podcast’s name refers to the preference of its hosts to stay away from sensationalized and horserace political reporting and ruminate instead on the finer points of policy.

It was a topic the hosts felt was missing from the podcast landscape. “What we wanted to create on Panoply, and didn’t see,” Kliff tells FishbowlDC, “was a podcast for smart discussions about policy–the type of place where we could get into the weeds of important and interesting issues.”

And Yglesias feels the podcasting format will draw an audience to this type of deep dive. “Given the way digital media has evolved,” he tells FBDC, “it seems like podcasting was the right medium for something like [deep policy discussions]–ideas that won’t necessarily go viral on Facebook, but will be something people can really sink their teeth into and become long-term fans of.”

As for the choice of co-hosts, Yglesias says there was no “elaborate process behind who would co-host; it just seemed like the natural group.” This should surprise no one familiar with the hosts’ work.

Panoply, launched in February of this year by the Slate Group, is a podcast network that offers a full range of services to potential partners, from production to hosting and marketing. In addition to newcomer Vox, Panoply hosts podcasts from the New York Times Magazine, HBO Documentary Films, New York magazine and the Huffington Post, among others.

The Weeds premieres this afternoon. Subsequent episodes will come out every Friday.

Update, 12:06 p.m.: The podcast is now live and available here.