Journalism Crowdfunding Site Vourno Expands to the UK

Launched into the U.S. last year from The Bronx and then quickly expanded to Canada, Vourno is now doing business in a third corner of DIY journalism nation. From today’s announcement:

“Our goals as a company are to democratize the news worldwide, take crowdfunded reporting to the next level and change the entire news landscape for years to come” said Joseph Verdirame, co-founder of Vourno. “We’re excited to offer our platform to journalists in the UK and empower them to raise money for news stories that matter most.”

“We continue to work on making our platform easy for our customers to use so that important stories can be covered. Crossing the Atlantic and launching in the UK is the first of many international releases.”

Indeed; up next for Vourno are sites extensions into France, Ireland, Australia, Belgium and The Netherlands.

Vourno also separately announced today the winners of a $500 contest. Freelance journalists Vanessa Johnston and Pia Gadkari received the prize for their 4K+ funded documentary project Long-Distance Mama, about Ukrainian women working in Italy as domestic workers.