Voters: The Times is speaking to you


There are countless ways to examine what will be the tipping point for the leading candidates on Super Tuesday–too many for this humble two-some, though we’ve touched on PR aspects of Clinton, Obama, and Romney.

Unfolding the paper edition of The New York Times this morning–yes, the paper version–PRNewser was struck by the forceful images chosen by the paper’s editors. They convey months of talking points, counter messages, and media coverage:

From top to bottom:

Hillary Clinton–holding court, pointing; authoritative, perhaps accusatory

John McCain–at Faneuil Hall with elder statesmen of yesterday and today; fatherly, staid, elderly, founding-fatherly?

Barack Obama–Rock-star connection with supporters a’la Bono, though none are pictured; iconic, young, powerful, independent

Mitt Romney–Ascending to heaven in a starched white shirt under clear blue skies; nuff said