VOTE: Will You Delete Your Friends For National Unfriend Day?

Now that National Unfriend Day has arrived, will you be participating?

Last Wednesday, Jimmy Kimmel announced that Nov. 17 would become National Unfriend Day on Facebook. Well, “friends,” that day is today. Will you have the nerve (or the will, or the time) to delete all the friends who are not really your friends on Facebook?

Judging by the amount of “Likes” the “National Unfriend Day Nov 17” page has gathered, it seems like thousands of you will. This is why we’d like to know if you will be trimming some Facebook fat today, or if you think Jimmy Kimmel’s idea is silly or arbitrary. In the comments, please expand on your rational or irrational motivations for unfriending the people who have randomly seen you at your best (and at your worst).

And, remember, after today you can still continue to unfriend friends anytime 😉 Here’s a video reminder for those who don’t know about National Unfriend Day: