VOTE: Will We Ever See Facebook’s Timeline?

Facebook's first announced the timeline profile over a month ago and has postponed the beta test indefinitely. Are we ever going to see this new feature?

Facebook’s new timeline profile was announced with great fanfare over a month ago, and two different start dates for a beta test have come and gone. Are we ever going to see this feature?

Since f8, it has been hacked, made the subject of wish lists, used to create fictional characters, delayed, and named in a patent suit.

However, more than one month after f8, only those Facebook users who are brave enough to install Facebook’s Developer application can enable timelines and see them on other people’s profiles.

A beta test of timeline originally promised to begin September 30 was postponed until October 6, and after that date passed no further announcement was made about when testing would start — a point at which even people without their timelines would be able to see them on the profiles of those who’ve enabled the feature.

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