VOTE: What's The Future of Facebook Gaming?

Facebook developers, here's your chance to participate in an upcoming report for Social Times Pro.

Facebook developers, we want your input! Please click here to take a very short poll on the future of social gaming.

It’s for an upcoming report for Social Times Pro about (you guessed it), the future of Facebook gaming.

And while I’m interviewing various leaders in that field, I also want to get a broader sample of opinion on burning subjects such as: Will Zynga remain the market leader two years from now? And, will Facebook have a competitor in the social game platform space?

The survey shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, and if you work in Facebook games, I think you’ll enjoy it. Plus, if you include your email address at the end of the survey, we’ll send you a coupon for a Social Times Pro discount.

So please take it as soon as you can — the poll runs until the end of this week!

The writer of this post, Wagner James Au, is an analyst for Social Times Pro.