VOTE: Use Google Plus, Facebook, Both Or Neither?

Google Plus usage is growing at a faster pace than Facebook memberships did during the site's first month in operation. So we're curious to know whether you expect to choose one over the other.

Google Plus memberships are growing rapidly to an estimated 18 million of them as of today — and the service hasn’t even been around for a full month yet.

That pace naturally begs the question of whether people will completely abandon Facebook in favor of the search engine’s site.

We duly note that half of the 6,237 readers polled say they would “ditch” Facebook altogether in favor of Google Plus — although the actual question used the present tense, “Are you ditching Facebook for Google Plus?”

So we’re long overdue for our own reader poll. We’re curious to see how sentiments may have changed since we asked you all in March whether you’d use the +1 in addition to the Facebook like to share content with friends.

By all means, please share you opinion in the poll below; in the comments section beneath this post you can also give your rationale for your vote. Then come back later to see how everyone else is voting.