VOTE: Should Facebook's Talent Acquisitions Be Considered Failures?

After yesterday's response post to Fred Wilson's comments, we thought it would be useful to have a poll on whether people believe Facebook talent acquisitions are failures.

Yesterday I wrote a post about Fred Wilson’s comments on Facebook and a number of commenters jumped in to defend Fred, calling my comments a bit excessive. Whether or not the comments were over the top, I’m sure Fred slept comfortably last night despite the harsh words. However I’m seriously curious as to what people think: should a talent acquisition by Facebook be considered failures?

Personally, I think my opinion has been expressed relatively clearly in yesterday’s post. However given the varying opinions in the comments and based on conversations I’ve had with others who seem to agree that they were unfair shots at Facebook developers, I’ll let the audience decide. Should a talent acquisition by Facebook, as an exit for a company, be considered a failure?