VOTE: Should Candidates Make Facebook Cards?

Singaporean political candidate Lim Biow Chuan is distributing business cards with a mock Facebook layout asking people to like his profile. Will this help him get elected?

This picture on Singaporean political candidate Lim Biow Chuan’s Facebook profile speaks that proverbial 1,000 words. Some of his constituents have expressed concern about whether the social network has given permission for the business cards including the social network’s brand iconography.

We’ve asked Facebook whether the site has given Chuan permission to use the social network’s designs on the candidate’s card and will update this post with anything we learn.

Chuan’s card exaggerates the candidate’s like tally at 23,172, when in reality he has only 315 of them as of our writing this. Perhaps that first printed number is his goal.

Even if Facebook disapproves of Chuan’s cards, any cease-and-desist effort by the social network might not have an impact upon the candidate’s campaign due to timing. Singapore’s elections take place on May 7.

It’s also possible that Facebook might look favorably upon Chuan’s cards, since they ask people to visit the candidate’s page on the social network, thereby helping boost traffic. In fact, it’s possible that Chuan might be starting a trend that other candidates might embrace around the world.

There are many possible outcomes here, so we’re wondering what you think about these cards. Please share your opinion with us below notice that you can write in your own answers.

And by all means, please tell us in the comments section the basis for your vote. Be sure to come back later to see how others are voting.

Special thanks to Jake Manden for the tip.