VOTE: Have You Missed Important Facebook Messages?

We're curious to know whether you feel you've missed any important messages your the "other" folder on your Facebook account.

Yesterday I told a reporter at Slate that the “other” folder in Facebook’s messaging platform is tantamount to the spam filter found in email software.

We’ve known about the “other” folder since the debut of Facebook’s messaging platform about a year ago, but Slate’s story that ran today has made it apparent that some people never knew of the folder’s existence until just now.

Even so, the Slate article blows things way out of proportion by calling it a “misery.” Come on!

If you hadn’t known of the folder until today, you’d encounter a year’s worth of messages that Facebook had designated as not important enough to go into your main inbox.

Message prioritization is based entirely on who you interact with the most on Facebook. But if you go a whole year without looking at the “other” folder, the odds of finding something important in it naturally go up.

So we’re curious to know, readers, whether you feel that you’ve missed anything that’s landed in the “other” folder.

Readers, we’re curious to know whether you feel you’ve missed anything in your own “other” folder. Please participate in the poll below, and check back later to see how others have voted.

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