Vote For Your Favorite Twitter User At The Shorty Awards

Is there a Twitter user that you simply adore? They’re helpful, friendly, and unique, and you retweet almost every tweet they send.

Now you’ve got a way to thank them: nominate them for a Shorty Award, a public recognition of their amazing tweeting.

This year the 4th annual Shorty Awards will recognize the best of the best in Twitter – and you can help get your favorite user an award of his or her own.

Nominations are now open for dozens of categories of content producers on Twitter. From Activism to Comedy, Fitness to Newspapers, you have the chance to show your thanks to people tweeting with passion.

And if you’re interested in snagging a Shorty Award for yourself, the Awards have several campaign tools you can use to help your followers promote you. You can create YouTube videos, fill out an application, and add badges to your blog or website.

Last year’s Shorty Awards was hosted by The Daily Show’s Aasif Mandvi, and included winners like Conana O’Brien, The Young Turks, MythBusters and Neil Patrick Harris. We were there covering the festivities, and it was a great time.

In order to nominate someone for a Shorty Award, just visit From there, you can enter the Twitter username of the account you want to nominate, and fill out the category and reason (which must be included for the vote to count!) for nomination.

Or, if you prefer, you can nominate someone by tweeting one of the following templates:

“I nominate @TwitterUser for a Shorty Award in #category because [add reason here]”

“#shortyawards @username #category [add reason here]”

You may vote for as many different accounts in as many different categories as you like, but you many only vote once per person per category. You can nominate someone in one of the featured categories, or create your own – and if the new category becomes popular enough, it will become a featured category itself. Most nominations close on February 17th.