Vote and Say Cheese! Still Life with Democracy

voting.jpgA grass-roots group is advising voters to bring cameras to their precincts and snap pix of polling places as part of an open-source project. The Polling Place Photo Project is supposed to create an instant archive of how voting is done around the country and somehow, through some calculus that we don’t quite understand, inspire voting reform.

We don’t know what the fuss is about. It’s not as though there are any problems with voting in this country or anything.

Here’s the full memo from our in box, and if you decide to participate in this, be sure to send FBLA one of your shots:

Get out your camera when you get out the vote!

Hopefully you’ve heard of The Polling Place Photo Project, an open-source journalism experiment with huge support from the design community. The PPPP is going to collect photos taken by you, voting America, of your polling places. By capturing the many variables in the democratic process, it will hopefully illustrate how much voting reform we need before the next major election.

This effort is sponsored by AIGA, the largest organization of designers in the country, who have partnered with, a citizen journalism site founded by Jay Rosen (with support from Craig Newmark of craigslist). AIGA started an initiative named Design For Democracy after that one, um, dubious election to attempt to redesign the ballots, voting machines and standardize the voting process in general. They are still battling major bureaucracy, as one might expect, but if enough people provide adequate documentation this year, it might aid their cause.

If you’re a blogger or have any way of amplifying this message, please spread the word!

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