VOTE: Ads For Booze, Cigarettes, Drugs, Gambling?

Would you be more likely to click on an ad on Facebook if it concerned alcohol, tobacco, gambling, prescription drugs or dairy products?

Facebookers haven’t taken kindly to advertisements on the site, despite all the best efforts to that effect. But what if the ads got more interesting?

Until last week, Facebook completely banned ads related to alcohol, tobacco, gambling, gasoline, prescription drugs and dairy products.

Now, brands within these industries might be able to buy ads on the site, which would still limit their visibility to jurisidictions and demographics where laws allow — and Facebook would get to veto anything unkosher.

So we’re curious to know whether an expanded repertoire of ads would capture more people’s attention on Facebook.

Please share your opinion with us by participating in our poll below — note that this one lets you select more than one option because of the different types of ads we’re asking about. And by all means, tell us in the comments section about your rationale for voting.

Be sure to check back to see how the votes are coming in.