Vook Now Making unEnhanced eBooks

Last week Vook uploaded the first of its text only ebooks to the NookStore and Kindle Store. This is an unprecedented break from its past practices, and in fact goes against the very reason the company was founded.

Vook launched in late 2009 with a goal of making enhanced eBooks for the iPhone, and it has since expanded its markets to include the iPad and the Kindle Store. It makes both fiction Vooks and textvooks that contain embedded audio and video. Until now, that is.

Vook has uploaded 11 text only eBooks to the NookStore, and another 15 or so in the Kindle Store. Curiously enough, you can buy some of the enhanced Vooks in the Kindle Store for less than the text only versions.

Do you think this means that enhanced eBooks aren’t making Vook enough money? Perhaps there isn’t enough demand.

via Vook