Voicetag Lets You Send Voice Message via Facebook

Although there are already a couple of applications that lets you send voice messages to your Facebook contacts, Voicetag however works well with regular phones and SMS messages. Meaning your Facebook friends can receive your voice messages even when they are not on online in Facebook – that is through their mobile phones or through SMS messages.

Voicetag also makes it simpler to leave send a voice message to your Facebook friends. All you need to do is to choose the Facebook contact you want to send a voice message to, then add an optional text message and then enter your own phone number. After a while Voicetag will call you on the number you specify and you can start recording your message.

Voicetag’s Facebook application will then send an alert to your friend notifying them of the voice message you sent. They can play the Voicetag from their Facebook Profile.

In addition to this, Voicetag also lets you leave a voice message to Facebook groups SMS message sent to Voicetag. The same procedure will be followed – that is Voicetag will call your number and then you can start recording your message.

As this involves mobile network time, Voicetag would definitely put a price tag on this service soon. Lucky for us now, the service is still free. So, you better try out the service and start sending those holiday cheers through your own voice message.

To see how Voicetag works while you’re on Facebook, check out this video.

Or this Screenflow diagram of how Voicetag works:

and TC has listed the following features of Voicetag.

  • The ability to not only record but also deliver voice messages to phones, in addition to the online voice Inbox we have today.
  • The ability for the message recipient to interact with the message via touch tone when they hear the message on the phone (imagine that you can send out a voice poll on “where do we want to eat tonight? punch 1 for XYZ; punch 2 for ABC”, and get the votes back in text message!)
  • The ability to start ad hoc group / conference calls among facebook friends.
  • The ability to call your Facebook friend on the phone no matter where she is in the world, and no matter how many times she has changed her phone number since you last talked.