Voice recording social network Eevzdrop launches on iOS


Mobile developer Eevzdrop has announced the launch of its audio-centric social network Eevzdrop on iOS. The program is part of a growing movement that combines voice recordings with images that can be viewed by friends or strangers.

Eevzdrop allows a user to post unlimited uploads, each with an audio recording of up to 10 minutes in length. Users are then allowed to attach a photo, add hashtags and even geotags for location-based browsing. These combinations of photos and audio recordings are called “edrops,” and the app’s users are encouraged to browse these edrops, “Liking” and commenting on the ones they like.

Edrops can be saved for later posting, in the case of upcoming events, and the ten-minute track support should ensure that users are able to express everything they want, including a story or other detailed information, all alongside the same picture.

Eevzdrop joins an increasingly crowded field of similar voice-recording social networks. For instance, after a successful launch on iOS earlier this year, Digisocial (our review) launched its version of the service on Android in July.

“What separates eevzdrop is we’re among the first to focus on a streamlined, quick way to share audio moments and experiences,” said Eevzdrop CEO Rommel Paraiso, via a company release. “Most of the social network today is text and photo based. We’re part of a movement that’s bringing audio to the foreground and reinventing it to make things easier for bands/musicians, bloggers, and journalists to engage their audience.”

Eevzdrop is now available to download for free on iOS.