Voice-recording photo app SpeakingPhoto receives new functionality in 3.0 update


SpeakingPhoto has announced its largest update to the SpeakingPhoto voice recording / photography app, bringing storyboards and other new options to users on iOS. The new update gives users new ways to record audio on top of photographs, before sharing them with friends, family, coworkers, and more.

The SpeakingPhoto app allows users to enhance their pictures by annotating them with brief voice-over clips. The developer encourages businessmen and women to use the app to share instructions with colleagues, while families can design virtual postcards of sorts, taking a picture while on vacation and describing the journey before sending those photos to friends.

In its newest update, SpeakingPhoto 3.0, the app now supports the sharing of photos and videos with Android and Windows Phone devices. The overall app now additionally supports better quality audio and larger format “movies,” which can be shared to Facebook, YouTube or email.

Finally, the SpeakingPhoto storyboard feature gives users a chance to select multiple photo / audio pairs and customize their play order, creating a larger movie of sorts for users to preview, edit and eventually share with others.

SpeakingPhoto is one of many popular voice-recording applications on mobile. Voice-recording social networks Digisocial (our review) and Eevzdrop, for instance, give users ways to share their photos and audio while also finding new users to follow that are doing the same.

The SpeakingPhoto application is available in three versions on iOS: a free introductory version with basic functionality, a full iPhone version that allows recording on all photos for a one-time purchase of $0.99, and an iPad version for $2.99.