Change in OC Register’s Political Advertising Policy Raises Eyebrows

We’re not trying to take Aaron Kushner‘s side here. But we do applaud the fact that this particular media company owner replied to a hot-potato-topic query from Voice of OC reporter Adam Elmahrek:

Kushner, who responded by email within hours, acknowledged that the Register recently adjusted its policy regarding political advertising. He said, however, that the policy was changed because “we don’t like negative political advertisements,” not out of support for Anaheim’s council majority.

“It was brought to our attention that the Register has had an inconsistent process for reviewing political advertising, which we are working to address and make more systematic,” Kushner wrote. “This is not a comment or endorsement of any particular politician or political cause but a systematic review of our process as we strive to better serve Orange County in everything that we do.”

We urge you to bookmark-read Elmarek’s extensive and excellent report about a trail that encompasses Disney, advertising taken out by Anaheim City Hall blogger Jason Young in the Register‘s local weekly community newspaper and some unusual lobbying of the paper by the pair of Anaheim city councilwomen targeted in Young’s ad. In the Voice of OC article, Marc Cooper suggests the move by Kushner and fellow Register stakeholder Eric Spitz is “cowardly and hypocritical.”

[Pictured/CORRECTED: Logo from Young’s website Save Anaheim; an earlier version of this item included a photo of the wrong blog.]