Voice-Enabled Search Comes to the iPhone

Last week, a rumor of a new Google Mobile App for the iPhone is making the voice-recognition feature a reality. Many waited for it to become available as early as Friday but for no apparent reason it didn’t show up in the iTunes apps store. What it needed was a single post from the Official Google Blog announcing the new Google Mobile App with voice search functionality.

Through a video demonstration, the Google Mobile folks explained the new feature which basically allows iPhone users to do their Google search via the iPhone sans manual inputing of search keywords. Instead, users have to speak to their iPhones and utter their keywords. Once a user turns on the feature on, the user doesn’t have to touch any button anymore. Once the search keywords are uttered, the Google Mobile App will display an optimized-for-iPhone search results page.

One great feature of this voice-enabled search through the iPhone is the fact that it utilizes the iPhone’s geo-location tools for identifying where you are and matching the results on a local search to a user’s current location.

Other features of Google Mobile App with voice-search include:

  • Search with your voice so you don’t have to type.
  • Search with My Location makes finding business, weather, and movie info easy.
  • Suggestions appear as you type to save you time.
  • Launch Gmail, Google News, and more from one place.

This is a great iPhone application which everyone would want to install on their iPhone. Unfortunately for us non-U.S. citizen, this application will only be available in the U.S.

Here’s a quick demo of the Google voice search for the iPhone.