Vogue’s March Issue Is Packed With Ads

That's a good thing, by the way.

adele-vogue-cover-march-2016For fashion magazines, March issues are almost as important as September issues. Winter is fading and consumers are now ready to consume “spring-y” items that they don’t need, so fashion mags seek out as many ads as possible. This year, Vogue out-packed all the competition with 405 ad pages.

According to WWD (god, allah and whoever else please bless them, as they manually counted the top fashion mags’ ad pages) the runner-up was Harper’s Bazaar, with 336 pages. Rounding out the top five was Elle with 315 pages, InStyle with 263 and W with 209 pages.

Ad pages do sometimes differ between regional and subscriber copies, so please take these numbers with a grain of Morton Salt™.