Vogue To Use Slightly Healthier Models

Everyone, please, give a big round of applause to Vogue, for its “Health Initiative” that will be started with June issues. WWD reports that the initiative asks Vogue editors to not use models under 16 years old or those with eating disorders. It also requires them to ask casting directors to not knowingly send them young models or those that seem unhealthily thin.

Of course the problem with this is — aside from the age thing — it’s all very subjective. What one editor thinks is an unhealthy model, another might not. How, exactly, will they determine who is okay and who isn’t? Will there be a scale in the office? Also, using size 2 models instead of size 0 models isn’t exactly changing much.

The Health Initiative seems more like a PR move than anything else, but we can’t knock Vogue too hard, at least it’s trying. So we say bring on the fatties. We kid! We kid!