Vogue Launches “Vogue Stylist” iPhone App

Vogue debuted their new iPhone app today and of course it’s designed to gently mock you. The app, called “Vogue Stylist,” allows users to choose certain trends from the pages of the magazine itself and learn how to integrate these with items already in one’s closet. Why, yes, that Proenza Schouler top does go marvelously well with your ridiculous Old Navy overalls.

Users may compare items among 600 products from 91 brands, including the likes of Gucci, Valentino and Longchamp.

Condé Nast’s president and CEO, Charles H. Townsend, had this to say about the new app: “Vogue Stylist was created as another way to extend the Condé Nast Brand to encourage consumer connectivity and engagement through new media. Vogue Stylist is our eleventh app in the market, and an exciting addition to the company’s current offerings.”

The app, which may work to modernize the magazine’s image, is available for free from iTunes’ app store. Of course, that’s not to say the app won’t cost you. With each featured product comes a link allowing users to purchase the item right from their phones.

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