Vogue Editor Apologizes for Joking About the Lower Classes

Fashion is a fickle mistress.

Elisabeth von Thurn und TaxisVogue’s Style Editor-at-Large Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis may have one or more silver spoons in her mouth.

Thurn und Taxis, 32, was born in London and (possibly) gifted a gig in journalism. She’s also an honest-to-goodness princess to the princely house of her surname. Her name is so noble, it’s shortened from Elisabeth Margarethe Maria Anna Beatriz Prinzessin von Thurn und Taxis. 

To say that she’s never experienced poverty first or second-hand wouldn’t be much of a stretch. To prove that point, she was slumming in Paris for Fashion Week, found herself amused by a commoner, and posted on Instagram.

Why? Because the homeless man was reading a copy of Vogue.

Thanks to blogger Fashionista, we have a copy of this highbrow joke series.


ICYMI her comedic stylings, she wrote, “Paris is full of surprises . . . and @voguemagazine readers even in unexpected corners!”

Following the hate mail and the common sense police, the Vogue editor-at-large replaced that with this “apology.”

No word on whether the homeless man in question accepted her explanation or asked for a follow-up quote.

I wanted to extend my sincerest apologies for the offense my post has caused. Yours truly Elisabeth

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