New York Magazine Reconnects With Vogue Arabia Editor

Writer Amy Larocca first encountered the princess on 61st Street at Madison Avenue

Halfway through Amy Larocca’s New York magazine profile of Princess Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz, there’s an interesting bit of chronology.

The fashion writer explains that she crossed paths with the overseer of a Vogue Arabia website launched last fall and print edition coming this spring, long ago:

I first met Abdulaziz in 2004, outside Barneys in New York. She was well dressed but normally so for the neighborhood, an uptown woman out for a stroll in expensive but quiet versions of things: a Prada T-shirt, Miu Miu shoes, an Hermès bag. I was scouting for a photo shoot for this magazine’s “Look Book,” and we stopped her and asked her to pose.

She declined at first, citing privacy concerns to do with her family. A picture in a magazine? Never! But her husband, the Saudi prince Sultan bin Fahad bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz, whom she married in her early 20s, encouraged her, and we took her picture right there on 61st Street. She was a young stay-at-home mother of three who traveled regularly between her home in Riyadh and New York. She wore a ponytail and enjoyed the occasional hot dog.

For this latest piece, Larocca met up with Abdulaziz in December at Pier 59 Studios at Chelsea Piers, where the newly anointed EIC was supervising a photo shoot. The article has all sorts of colorful detail about the Princess’ life both here and in Riyadh. For example, because most socializing in Saudi Arabia is segregated by sex, an American friend who visited the Princess there tells the reporter “Every single night, it’s basically the Met Ball,” in reference to the full make-up and couture gowns worn behind closed doors.

The headline of the New York piece may be a tad premature. It reads: “The Anna Wintour of the Middle East.”

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