Vodeo: For Those of You Who Paid Attention in Class


Eight years of French. Four years of high school French classes, then another four in college. Eight long, painful years. And what does this writer have to show for it? Nada. In fact, he would have written, “Nothing” in French to answer that question, as something sort of clever, but the sad truth is that he doesn’t even remember that. So the design videos section of Vodeo, the French view-on-demand site, probably isn’t for us. But if you speak the language, it looks like there’s an amazing assortment of stuff in there, from Philippe Starck giving you a tour of something, interviews with Elisabeth Garouste, and so on. And hey, even if you are a dismal French failure like this writer, watch the stuff anyway. You never know who might wander by, see that you’re watching something foreign, and believe you to be wildly cultured and intelligent, unlike the real foolish slob you are.