Somebody Forgot To Tell Vodaphone That Double Rainbows Are Played Out

Complete with double rainbows, double waterfalls, double streams, and even double neckties, it looks like Vodaphone missed the memo that the Double Rainbow guy is so last year when they made their new Double Back ad.

Vodaphone New Zealand uploaded a new commercial to their YouTube channel a few weeks ago that’s just starting to sneak onto the viral radar this week, thanks to the commercial’s star – the Double Rainbow guy. But it looks like someone forgot to tell Vodaphone that Double Rainbows are played out. We’ve already seen more Double Rainbow parodies than we can handle, but Vodaphone is serving us up with another one despite the fact that they are so last year.

Complete with double rainbows, double waterfalls, double streams, double people and even double neckties the ad, which promotes Vodaphone’s Double Back deal, basically just shoves the Double Rainbow meme in your face for a full minute.

Why did Vodaphone think this was a good idea? Maybe they were trying to pay homage by uploading their video almost a year to the day that the original video was uploaded (but they were four days late if that was the case), or maybe they have just been living under a rock for the last few months and didn’t realize that the Double Rainbow guy has already been replaced by Antoine Dodson, Ted Williams and the woman who fell in a fountain while texting. Not to mention, Windows used Double Rainbow guy Paul Vasquez in an ad of their own back in September and all it got them was 700,000 views (which is nothing for such a big company) and a fair amount of criticism for being late on the uptake.

In addition to the minute-long clip, Vodaphone released a series of 10-second clips as part of the campaign as well, including Double Letterbox, Double Trees, Double Caravan, and Double Cheeseburger. Check them out below and let us know what you think. Do you like the campaign, or do you agree with me that double rainbows are more than a little passé?