Vodafone UK Offering One Week Of Free Mobile Access To Facebook

Vodafone will be offering one week of free access to Facebook for its UK mobile broadband service users as part of the provider’s “Free Friday” promotion series. The free access to Facebook is the first in the series to last an entire week instead of just one day, and it marks the launch of Facebook text alerts for Vodafone UK users.


Customers will be able to log in to their Facebook accounts on either their mobile phones or computers using Vodafone broadband service. Vodafone customers will also be able to upload photos and videos from their phones to Facebook, but standard messaging fees will still apply for these services.

Friday also marks the beginning of Facebook text alerts. Customers can receive SMS alerting them when someone pokes them, adds them as a friend, sends them a message or writes on their wall – the usual Facebook text alerts. Facebook continues to work with mobile carriers to roll out support for its SMS services – just last week, T-Mobile launched Facebook SMS alerts to customers in the United States.

The Free Friday series was launched in May, when Vodafone offered free mobile internet access to customers for one day. Last month, customers received one free day of music downloads to mark the company’s launch of DRM free music. With the new Facebook campaign running for one week, Vodafone is giving their customers time to get used to using Facebook on their mobile devices, so it’s more likely they’ll continue using the service when normal fees apply.