Vocus State Of The Media Q3 2010: We’re Rebounding!

Vocus has posted its quarterly analysis of the State of the Media on its blog. In it, we learn that the media industry is “rebound[ing] from the last several years of loss.” And truly, if you look at the numbers, it’s pretty encouraging: nearly 150 online “newspaper-type sites” launched in the quarter, 46 magazines launched and a number of news TV stations expanded their newscasts to start earlier in the morning. Also, four print newspapers launched this quarter. We will refrain from saying anything about that besides WTF.

Now onto the bad news: according to Vocus, 11 newspapers and 11 magazines closed in the third quarter. That would include the Nantucket Independent and the Los Angeles Garment & Citizen. And nearly all of the online newspaper sites were Patch launches, so depending on how you feel about Patch, you may have opinions about these launches.

The magazine launches were heavily skewed toward regional (Ann Arbor’s The Ann, Baltimore Sun Magazine, etc) and food/lifestyle (The ‘Hood Magazine, Spanish Moss, and FEAST) so perhaps that is where the future lies.