Vocus: Signs Point Positive For Media In Q2

flickr: nDevilTV

The second quarter of 2010 was kinder to all media, report researchers at Vocus, with advertising returning, magazines launching, and online publications expanding.
Last year, Vocus says, more magazines folded than launched (though others may differ with that assessment) but either way, more magazines launched than folded starting in Q1 2010 and continuing into the second quarter, with 63 launches and 41 ending publication. Thirteen magazines went online-only in the quarter…which is a mixed bag, to be sure.
Meanwhile, AOL’s Patch.com launched 37 new sites in just the last quarter alone. And while we lost quite a few newspapers last year, including the Rocky Mountain News and the Seattle P-I, this year only one newspaper has bit the dust–the Honolulu Advertiser.
Even radio’s seeing some bright spots, with Clearchannel’s iHeartRadio drawing mobile traffic to the ad-supported player.
Nowhere in this list is mentioned whether publishers are ready to start hiring again but somebody still has to put the magazines together, don’t they?