Vlingo Says 13% of Their Voice Assisted Services Used with Social Networks

Vlingo produces voice recognition apps for mobile devices including Android, BlackBerry and the iPhone. Their iPhone app is free but has in-app purchases to provide unlimited email or SMS.

Vlingo reported on how their app users used voice recognition on mobile devices.

How People Use Voice Assisted Services

As you might guess, voice dialing and messaging account for over half of all voice assisted use (52%). Web and local search combine for another 32%. Social network service use (Facebook, Twitter and others) accounted for 13$ of Vlingo powered voice assisted use. And, again, as you might expect, the place most likely to see Vlingo use is while in a car (46%).

Vlingo has defined three categories of voice assisted services users by function with some correlation for age groups.

Practical Multitasker: Mid-30s and older
Classic Tech Enthusiast: 18-44 (usually male)
Social Shopper: Under 25