VIVmag Marks Women’s History Month, Earth Day with Green Issue

What’s black-and-white and green all over? The March/April 2011 Green Issue of women’s digital luxury magazine VIVmag.

The issue, timed to coincide with Women’s History Month in March and the 70th anniversary of Earth Day in April, is currently available for the iPad, iPhone, Mac, and PC, and it features an Old Hollywood-style black-and-white cover featuring Hot in Cleveland actress Jane Leeves, a “Greener Life” subscription contest, and environmentally themed content including articles on conscious choices for cleaning and greening the world; spring wardrobes and home-fashion favorites made of natural fibers; Earth-friendly fitness choices; and reducing carbon footprint with greener cuisine, as well as a book-review section highlighting titles about food and the environment.

The release of the issue was delayed by technical issues with the Zinio platform.

VIVmag vice president of brand marketing Adrienne A. Wallace said:

As our Green/awareness issue, this edition reminds us just how fragile our planet and our existence here can be, and the calamity that’s unfolded in Japan is a startling reminder of the powerful forces of nature at work every day. Our hearts go out to the people of Japan and their families around the world. No doubt we’ve all taken stock of our lives over the past few weeks in the wake of this epic tragedy. As this issue explores numerous ways to live a better life, we hope that it may bring a bit of escape and solace to our readers all over the world.

We stand firm on the brand pillar of awareness and our role as an all-digital publication in saving millions of printed paper pages. We even take it one step further with this issue’s featured public-service announcements showcasing the great work of many nonprofit and awareness organizations.

Editor-in-chief Anne M. Russell added:

Most everyone can agree that we each have a responsibility to be good stewards and to leave the planet in as good or better shape for future generations. But many may believe that “going green” is more difficult than it’s worth. In this issue, readers will find a plethora of simple and practical, yet impactful, tips that can make living a greener lifestyle both more rewarding and more convenient.