Vitrue Estimates Facebook Page Wall Click Through Rates at 6.5%

What kind of click through rates can brands expect to get on their Facebook Page walls? Social media agency Vitrue says the numbers can be pretty high.

Using new URL tracking and a few estimates, Vitrue is claiming that CTRs for content shared on a Page’s wall can be as high as 6.5%. While the numbers are encouraging, the method used to arrive at these numbers uses some facts and some guess work, as it’s impossible to arrive at a definite number when determining how many people are exposed to content in the News Feed.

“If a site has 100 fans and your wall post gets five clicks, that’s a 5% CTR,” CEO Reggie Bradford said in a recent article in AdAge. “But if you assume only about 20% of those folks actually saw the post, it’s really a 20% click-through rate.”

When numbers are broken down by demographic, Vitrue is claiming a 30% rate for users 18-24, 14% for ages 25-34 and 10% for 35-44. Females are more inclined to click though more than males, with 56% of women checking out links as opposed to 44% of men.

Of course, the biggest determinant of click through rate is content quality – and the numbers vary heavily. Wall posts must be relevant, engaging, and appropriate – if not, fans will not only not click, they might also hide your content from the stream altogether.